Who runs and owns this site?

Primarily one person who gets a whole lot of help from other great people when needed.

Are my orders secure?

I personally see and manage every individual order to minimize the chances of things going wrong, data being lost, or fraud.

It says on your homepage that you donate 20% of everything made to nonprofits. Who is it being given to?

My first priorities are A21, and Thorn. Some money will sometimes go to others depending on what I see fit. Rescuing victims of human trafficking is a cause that is incredibly close to my heart, that I want to direct more attention towards. To better understand the subject, you can check out one of their sites.

Why does it take a little over a week to get a product shipped?

The reason I'm able to get such low prices on everything in my store is that I ship products out of countries that take longer to get to the U.S. They're still great and reliable quality, they just have to travel overseas. When you buy something off Amazon, you're paying an extra 25$-50$ dollars to have the same exact product shipped a little earlier. I dont charge unnecessary expenses.